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Per ardua ad astra

Meet My Wife.

Previously I am so pissed as I walk towards NgongRoad to get a matatu to town. Today has been a wasted day. Totally! I do not even know what to do next.  However, I have already hatched a plan. I... Continue Reading →

Omena – Recipe Fail.

How do I even start this? It’s about sufurias, cooking oil and Omena... This is not a recipe. I don’t even know what it qualifies to be. On one of the many frazzled days recently, I decide to cook for... Continue Reading →

Losing It!

What was that? The afternoon has been wonderful. For the past few weeks, I have been praying to God for answers to a challenging situation I have been struggling with. I will not be disclosing that in depth at this... Continue Reading →

Dates & Boats.

This is a napkin boat I am surprised is still in my custody. We all know paper boats and the fun involved in making them early in our art days. I would call it a paper boat, but this was... Continue Reading →

That Cleavage!

Dear Random Woman, How are you? Sorry, never mind. I wouldn’t care. The reason I am writing this is to tell you how uncomfortable I was, sitting next to you. I also want to apologize in advance because one way... Continue Reading →

Useless Man!

Previously Settling down turned into a nap. I was still pissed. Even after the nap that I had hoped would calm me down, it did not work. 'What was I going to do now?' I checked within myself for any traces... Continue Reading →

Friendship, Trust, & Freedom

Previously.                          Raising money was a challenge. The main reason being; it was after business hours and people were settling in to sleep already. The second reason was the... Continue Reading →

A Hint of Freedom.

              Previously I woke up with a start, due to the disturbance at the door. It took time to register. The warmth from the 'lump', I had for dinner, had worked its magic and... Continue Reading →

The Con Artist Fallacy.

              Mr Onkwani alleged that I had tried to steal his vehicle - (Breakfast in Jail). I could not even believe him and what I was hearing. He asked again, who I was and I told... Continue Reading →

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