Kenya Defence Forces Recruitment: Requirements & Qualifications.

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) just announced its recruitment drive for the year 2016. In the month long drive, it will be looking for General Recruits, Constabularies and Tradesmen/women and the drive is scheduled to take place from 19th September 2016 to 18th October 2016 at various centers countrywide as indicated on this schedule here.
The process is free for all. No emails or letters should be sent to any email address (Unless you are applying for the tradesmen/ women position) and there is no account to deposit any amount X or any Mpesa pay bill number to facilitate “processing of your Military ID and Blah blah. Forge documents at your own risk. You are requested to report any suspicious activities that you will see taking place at the recruitment center on the D Day.
Recruitment will ONLY be conducted on the advertised recruitment dates and at the recruitment centres as indicated on this schedule between 8am and 6pm. Mondays to Friday. Well, I will give you a trick here. Be there earlier than 8am. Try 6am, it works for many. Punctuality & initiative is the first test. If you will be coming from far, consider spending the night near the recruitment center at a hotel (sleeping, & alone for that matter) on the eve and wake up early, energetic, focused and stress free.
Successful candidates will be issued with calling letters at the recruitment centres by the recruiting officers. This means that the calling letters will not be issued at DOD or oh, Moi Airbase, or Kenya Navy Barracks at Mtongwe. You succeed; you go home with your letter in hand. That will be your gate pass to the Recruits Training College at Eldoret and your ID for the next few weeks until you get to Eldoret.
Potential candidates reporting to recruitment centers MUST come from that particular sub county/division of their respective counties. Have your current original national identity card (ID), & academic certificates and testimonials as necessary. The reason I said “as necessary” is because, if you are going for the general recruit vacancy, don’t unleash your diploma in criminology or international relations and diplomacy et al. You will get disqualified and the chance given to the Form Four leaver behind you.
Photocopied national ID card and police abstracts will not be accepted, doesn’t matter if it is colored and laminated. Carry the original documents.
Kenya Defence Forces General Recruits
General recruits are basic education graduates. That is Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education certificate holders. Once recruited, you will be posted to your appropriate service. That is Kenya Air Force, Kenya Army or Kenya Navy. However, you will first proceed to the Recruits Training College where you will get your Basic Military Training – TOGETHER. Then you will proceed individually to your units afterwards.
The following is required of the candidates for this position.
(1) Kenyan citizens and should not have dual citizenship.
(2) Age – between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Physically and medically fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) No criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men: 1.60 m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women: 1.52 m (5ft).
(6) Minimum Weight:
(a) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(b) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb)
(7) Female candidates must NOT be pregnant at the time of recruitment and during the entire duration of training.
(8) Have a minimum mean grade of D (plain) in KCSE.
Kenya Defence Forces Constabularies
These are ex – military men and women who wish to serve again. Well, they already have military skills and they do not undergo the same training as General Recruits.
The following is required of the candidates for this position.
(1) Kenyan citizens and should not have dual citizenship.
(2) Age – below 55 years old.
(3) Physically and medically fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Ex – Defence Forces Service Members (Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force, Kenya Navy)
(6) Possess a Discharge Certificate of minimum “Very Good” in conduct.
(7) Must have served at least 9 years’ colour service.
Kenya Defence Forces Tradesmen/ Women
These are graduates of technical and any skill in various trades who will be adapted into the military and serve in the various capacities according to their skills. Here, those with diplomas and certificates will be considered and will need to apply as indicated at the end of this article.
The following is required of the candidates for these positions. Academic & Physical Requirements.
(a) Technicians, Paramedics, Education, Journalist and Librarians:
A minimum of mean grade C (Plain) in KCSE, a relevant Diploma or above from a recognized institution and be registered with the relevant statutory bodies, where applicable.
(b) Catechists/ Maalims:
Must have a minimum of mean grade C- (Minus) in KCSE, a Diploma in Catechetical/Islamic studies from a recognized college/institute and should not be beyond 35 years of age.
(c) Artisans:
A minimum of mean grade D+ (Plus) in KCSE and either a relevant certificate with Government Trade Test Grade II or Craft II from a recognized institution.
Physical/ Basic Requirements.
(1) Kenyan citizens and should not have dual citizenship.
(2) Age- between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Be physically and medically fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men: 1.60 m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women: 1.52 m (5ft).
(6) Minimum Weight:
(a) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(b) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).
(7) Female candidates must NOT be pregnant at recruitment and during training.
The Vacancies
(a) Aeronautical Engineering (A&E and Avionics)
(b) Automotive Engineering
(c) Catechist/Maalim
(d) Community Health Nurses (KRCHN)
(e) Community Oral Health
(f) Computer Science (Administration, Hardware, Networking and Database Management)
(g) Control and Automation
(h) Counseling Psychology
(i) Draughtsman
(j) Education
(k) Electrical Engineering (Power, Mechatronics, Programming, Installation, Instrumentation and controls)
(l) Electronic Engineering and Computing Systems
(m) Health Records and Information Technology
(n) Information Technology (Graphic Design, Computer Forensics, Cyber Security, Programming and Web Design)
(o) Library
(p) Manufacturing Engineering
(q) Marine Engineering
(r) Mass Communication (Journalism, Film and Video Production, Photography, Film Projection)
(s) Mechanical Engineering (Plant/Production/Shipwright/Metallurgy Option)
(t) Medical Imaging (Sonography)
(u) Meteorology
(v) Occupational Therapy
(w) Physiotherapy
(x) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
(y) Registered Clinical Officer (RCO)
(z) Survey (Remote Sensing/Cartography/GIS)
(aa) Tech Plant (COW)
(bb) Telecommunications Engineering
(cc) Water Treatment/Reverse Osmosis
(dd) Welding, Fabrication and Metallurgy Engineering
(a) Construction or Carpentry and Joinery
(b) Electricity (Electrician)
(c) Electronic Engineering
(d) Food Production
(e) Fuel Pump Dispensing Technicians
(f) Masonry and Brick Laying
(g) Mechanical Engineering (Hydraulics)
(h) Metal Work
(i) Meteorology
(j) Music and Bandsmen/women
(k) Outboard Engineering
(l) Plant Operation
(m) Plumbery and Fitting
(n) Quality control marine/mechanical
(o) Shipwright
(p) Tailoring
(q) Vehicle Electrician
(r) Vehicle Mechanics
(s) Welders and Fabricators
As mentioned earlier, this is where you will need to draft your Curriculum Vitae, organize your testimonials & cover letter, and post it to the address below. With copies of your academic certificates and ID.
Deadline: 26th September 2016. – This is not the day to visit your local post office. Give Posta Kenya several days to do their thing.
Indicate the vacancy codes applied for e.g. 6c (1) (a) for Aeronautical Engineering (A & E and Avionics) on TOP of the Envelope. Shortlisted Tradesmen/women will be notified through the print media between 15th October 2016 and 21st October 2016. 
(Being shortlisted is one part of it, as for part two; you still have to undergo physical and medical checks as indicated above).
I wish you all the best in the process and your career.
Assistant Chief of the Defence Forces
(Personnel and Logistics)
Ministry of Defence
Defence Headquarters
Ulinzi House
P.O. Box 40668

NAIROBI – 00100





    • Hi Ernest, kindly check your recruitment date for your county and appear for the recruitment exercise there.
      This is just an information blog and does not recruit nor give opportunities to interested parties.
      All the best.


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