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Embakasi Train – The 45 Minute Ride to the CBD

Several Times I have taken the Embakasi Train to the CBD in the morning, this is the view when you sit, stand rather on the left hand side of the train. I will be lying if I tell I have ever stepped on it at Taj Mall and gotten a seat. I is usually full by the time it gets there. But it’s still okay. For Ksh 40/- and 35 – 45 minutes depending, you will be in town within the early minutes of 8 am. It needs humility though & patience, so for those who “I cannot get into a train”, hmmm, this is what we get to see, I took my camera with me today and this is what we shared with my 14mp lens. As usual, the prowess of a professional Cameraman is non-existent. So here goes the other side of Nairobi.

At the Taj Mall Station, its second Stage after Embakasi Village



Right there is the Lunga Lunga Fly over.



Those are the Embakasi Train Security Team Complete with Metal Detectors


At Donholm towards Makadara Station




A footbridge near Makadara


The meeting point for the train coming from Dandora and Umoja towards Makadara




I don’t know what I liked about these Rails.


Makadara Railway Station


Makadara Railway Station


Makadara Railway Station


Makadara Railway Station


A Cargo Train at Makadara Railway







Towards the Main Railway Station.










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