Denzel, Looking up.

Bringing back the writer…

“Writing is a tough job…” tweeted one bigwig last week. I have been away for a while, – A long one at that. Not to lack of creativity but due to indiscipline & procrastination. By the way I don’t consider this creativity, I believe someone else should. Writing is the best form of talking to myself & letting my issues out in a ‘better’ way. Being a months since my last article, – I am not considering the 4th March article, I was ‘pressed’ to write that. I feel inadequate to even write down my own fanatical thoughts. It started when I convinced myself that Fathers day would be a weekly series then come the end of the week… I get too busy to write. Then I push it further… and the chain continued until 2 months down the line, no article.
I tasked myself to this since this is one test I have never gone through. Randomness. I needed at least an article just out of the blue to fill in a slot, it doesn’t come easy as I realized. The thing with writing without inspiration especially for me who relies on the things around me to come up with content, I get so random that I end up even talking about stuff “not appropriate” for show…
So…. Back to the primary objective of this particular article… Nothingness. My fingers have been itching to type but I don’t know what to. Therefore the most recent random thoughts will just flow.
So far I have read several books since my last post.
  • The Alchemist.
  • Mates, Dates & Inflatable Bra’s.
  • Regina’s Song.
  • The Business of the 21st Century.
  • I Lost My Ball & Found My Life.
  • Others I can’t remember.
Currently am reading Kiss of the Bees which is rather boring & taking long for me to pick up the plot & its flow… It’s jumping too much from scene to scene. I have also read numerous articles online which is currently my full time ‘University’ course. 
Doesn’t That look Beautiful… Fighting to regain control ‘Flight
Ambition wise, I still keep it locked. Doing all I can… Since there aren’t many aviation books within my grasp – except from the conventional course books, I am relying on blog posts by various pilots around the globe & experiences from friends who are already in the sector.
A snapshot of the Airspeed Indicator on ‘Flight’ approaching Overspeed zone.
I have also watched various movies since then. I read more than I watch movies or the tube for that matter. That’s why it should feature as an achievement. To compensate for my lack of “common love” for movies, I make sure I watch at least the recent ones. Yeah… Again I try to be biased & first on the search list is matters aviation. Last movie I watched was ‘Flight’. I know it was late. But I watched it alright & I enjoyed it. I will also attempt that scenario on the simulator myself… flying upside down on a commercial jet… should be interesting.
Here are snapshots scenes I loved… I should be generating a meme about one soon as well.
The Pilot. Planes make heads Look up.’Flight”
I have also traveled! This is one I should brag about & also I should be ashamed about as well. I took a 1000 km n slightly over road trip & I did not even spare the time to let it all out here! That was 2 & a half months ago… Over the December holidays. I am going to upload the much I learnt and saw on that trip as soon as I can. Within Kenya that is.
I have also walked into peoples lives, walked out of others, people came in, others left, I learnt, I laughed, I wept, I cursed, etc etc… Here I am for 2013. Its March I know… But hold on tight, I will do my best to show you how much I have transformed.
That being said, I just wanted to make this article lengthy enough for it to leave my to-do list.  Then I get back to more serious stuff. I also realized if I try to make this perfect I will end up not having an article or rather making it into a loooong story.
Bye for now…
Oh, I misplaced “Why I joined The Military” in my many folders & it should be posted immediately I find it. The version on the phone is shallow & just a rough draft. Sorry for the unfulfilled promise. 




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