The Emotional Stock Exchange.

This idea hit me as I was going through the latest photos I had just received from my P.I. at this point I was used and a bit mature to the reality of having a co shared spouse thus there would have been less complaining. I had been using this ‘CB weird’ technique to help me get over the fact that every scene of my ex girlfriends with other men used to being issues to pick fights about. So I decided to take the weird route. After I caught most of my girlfriends cheating after trusting my all sensitive and accurate instincts, I decided I wouldn’t go expensive on trust. I had this obsession of following every step that I sensed would lead to similar occurrences. It was in those circumstances that I collected lots of information about the ladies in question – definitely behind their knowledge. I did not care since they didn’t also care what I felt as they did all that. It’s life.
The different men had different characteristics, variants with age, size, complexion, ethnicity, status and some other fine to the details characteristics, I cared less about. Each of them also had their limits. There are those who could just hug, those who could just kiss, those who could just peck. Those who could be taken home, and those who they could visit their houses. Those whose cribs they would sleep over and be slept over and the like. Then there is that freaky group. The very and lucky few they always had the guts to introduce me to, as just friends. But to whom I always appeared as the stupid guy who gets helped service their loving girlfriends.
So it was as I was marveling at their “Successful” lies of the photo records of business appointments, upcountry travels & etc they told me they had gone to, but were rolling and toddling on the sandy beaches and romping in cheap rental cars behind alleys with those best friends that this stupid idea came to my mind. I started comparing some relationships or even most of them with the stock trade. In several aspects they exchange characteristics.
Let’s start with the emotions, each comes in with different amounts of feelings, each again has a different idea of how they ought to be handled. Someone out there feels that I ought to get a little bit more than I am feeling, for security or for any other reason. So we each get to the market, do our window shopping and prospective shopping as well. We start identifying the best counter to invest our emotions and feelings and most important time. After that we go ahead to finish the transactions involved. We end up with those we feel will be a good short or long term investments. On the same note we also dump those we feel are past there maturity levels or those that have already paid out their dividends and have started to decline in price.
Time is also a factor to some as well. There are those that feel that without time nothing is possible in this all important sector. So in the same way we head out and find what we can get with the value we have in our hands.
The trading doesn’t matter that much. That’s a given but the tactics are those that matter a lot. Take an example of those mostly new entrants who spend their monies on one particular counter and decide that its que sera sera.  Either the exchange has thousands of counters or not. They don’t wanna know, what’s important to them is that they invest. Whatever come may. They go for it in that it helps them concentrate on that particular one. I am not here to say which is the best form of social investment or which is the worst. Am just having fun making what is not, is and what is, not. The thing with this is that once things go wrong. There is no back up. I believe that is self explanatory. By going wrong we have all sorts of mishaps. Am an amateur in the NSE but some social phenomena are all too common not to understand. It could be none performing; it may start declining in value, some low dividends returns and all that. It goes down to the point of being without any value. Just another sweet story of what was.
Then we have those who diversify. Here they are aware that the world is quite round and anything can happen at any time. They do not rely on one counter only. They spread their wings and cover a large area. As large as their resources can allow. Time, energy, funds talk of anything. Security is mostly found here. They take their time to learn the market. To learn the people and what makes them tick. It’s hard to get a perfect person or thing for that matter, thus the need to diversify. Resources are divided equally at first, but that depends. In some instances they may just be slapdash allocated. Remember we are dealing with people here . . . so we have those people we give most of our everything. We have those that receive some of what we consider important and those who receive what we consider the worst or even the least of our cares.  These are the kinds we have up up there. When particular A does not give the dividends we expected. We concentrate our energies on B hoping that it will be more productive. ‘Return on investment’ is the main thing here. By the way blood relationships are not involved here. In this context that’s a bit complicated “bond” stuff . . .
If I don’t get as much emotional return as I invest in an individual A for example, I would not spend my energy trying to build more emotional ishs which again would have nowhere to be taken. On another note I can carry this return – more emotions to another individual who can handle that better than this one. Maybe the shelf life of A is beyond expiry. It happens. If I am not contented with my spiritual atmosphere, I have all the rights to invest my spiritual energies on a higher return on investments counter. Flexibility. Where there is freedom, there is lesser security and where there is security, there is lesser freedom. That’s how you understand why those who diversify in relationships . . .  I know what you are thinking, yeah call it what you want promiscuity? As I was saying, that’s why those who ‘diversify’ are so at ease with life. I tried it out and life was not that bad. You stop worrying what would happen if the company signs that deal, or whether the million dollar consignment was released by the pirates, or whether the laying off of the workers will affect the ‘company’s’ value. Life is easier without worries. That all familiar feeling and worry of who they are with, what they are doing, what they are feeling being in bed with them, and not you will be a thing of the past. You just have to invest sit back and relax. If you note things are not going your way, sit back and consider the options, reinvest again and sit back to it. It’s the breathtaking life we live. It wasn’t meant to be perfect. Forgive me if its blasphemy but even God trusted the angels and they came back to earth and picked the beautiful daughters of men. Who am I to trust a single company. Last I invested in a cheap stock, I ended getting 10 cents per share as my dividend. It’s true I had petite funds but had I diversified, the pain of a big loss in one would have been healed by diminutive gains in different fields.
This is life anyway. If it was meant to be perfect, we would be having everything in singles. Nature wouldn’t trust a single attempt enough. Double double worked better. Still is. One brain hemisphere, one eye, one lung, one ventricle, one leg etc, But now you have two, one to step off the ground while the other remains still until you get a stable point to step and if its firm enough you step off the ground with the second one and move on. But at times we find it more comfy to stand on both legs. On one point or even on two.


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