Jewlery Partners

The basic impetus for the formation of attachment relationships is provided by biological factors and interpersonal experience. But there is another new theory that is still unnamed, that is at least by me. I have my own set of theories. So here is another one I have come up with. Maybe or maybe not it might make sense. As much as it is just another random thought.
This just hit me as I was waiting for the Economics Lecturer to come to class. It had been an issue with me for quite a while within me that is. There is “Jewelery role” that we have accepted to play in other peoples’ lives. Friendships and relationships have changed a great deal. What used to be a 100% friendship 24-7 kind of thing has changed and become a timetable guided phenomena, we now play roles in other peoples’ lives on a part time basis. As much as technology has given us a false atmosphere of fighter bonds like in the aspect of constant and efficient communication, this unfortunately is not the case.
We are friends yet but on condition(s). some are defined others are undefined. But this is a feeling as well. That is nobody has set the limits but they just come in an automatic kind of way. I am a friend to Dennis coz he has a Subaru for rave. I also am a friend to David coz he has the biggest network of old daddies for perfect flow of drinks on the table, I forgot about Candour who has the greatest network of ladies and doesn’t care if we shag and let go of her friends at will, and again Eric’s fancy crib in the posh. That’s how it has turned out, it is turning out and most probably will turn out in the near future. And it’s getting deeper! We have decided to befriend others for what they have or are capable of doing but never because of who they are or majorly what we can offer. The society no longer cares coz it’s creeping into everyone. The selfishness factor, politics, family, relationships, friendships, classes, even kids are getting an inclination to some parent. . .
With all due respect to the bonds above, I am not promoting infidelity neither am I campaigning against it as well. This jewelery thing, where I can get into my jewelry box and get what matches my outfit is what is becoming morally accepted. Most of us realize that we have different people playing different roles in life. Ignore the naturally set links like sisterhood, brotherhood, fatherhood and motherhood, No. A guy x has a girl y for sex, girl d for emotional chit chat, girl t for hanging out with, and gal A as the official. This sets itself automatically. Blame society. This is where what we classify as “Cheating” comes in. I came to believe that cheating is not all about sex. Emotions too & all the rest. That’s why some husbands behave the way they do, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends as well.
Husbands/ wife will weaken their bond when they learn to “accessorize” their relationships. Boyfriends and girlfriends as well. For the former, the similarities and strengthening bonds are too strong to break them. But what happens when your lady accessorizes or when your guy accessorizes? Your partner will do so as well. It comes automatically coz that which you don’t do, you wanna do, but can’t do with them; you will definitely get someone else to do it. Chances are, somebody else is already filing that gap.
Individual form different kinds of attachments depending on the expectations and beliefs they have about their environment and these are what constitute what guide interrelation. Friends can’t hide the existence of a jewelery partner, “the sex is always better,” “at least I get someone to pour out my heart to”, “at least I get someone to dance with me” n all the other sweet blahs. . . in most cases the best friend plays a tighter role than the partner. Having several of these and being in close contact you can relate the fluctuations of their relationship in reference to their so called “Bff” factor so what if BFFs solve partner partnerish ishs? Your guess is as good as mine. These are the only jewels that would not lead you to candle lit 5 star dinners but the ditch!
I was inclined to start getting all lectural and giving advice but it will end here but instead of acting like a relationship therapist like always, al ask. Which is better?
“Upgrading your cheap iron or keep quantizing your jewelry box with the cheap iron?
Again this is another totally random thought!!!


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