This is one of the many places I have visited and it’s a lovely place. For those with an appetite for geographical features… this is the place to see wonderful physical features. 
wouldn’t have words enough to define this particular Location but the pictures will tell my adventurous story.
I know the question is what was the agenda in Doldol… well being a semi arid area, there is a lot of sand. I mean for the real estate fanatics out there and the larger entrepreneur community… This is among the places with the best sand in the country. Construction sand that is. The laggers are rich with this commodity and people travel a long distance to come for it here. That, and charcoal, which is becoming a no no – due to environmental degradation, are the main economic earners for this community. Pastrolism though is their major activity.
I must also mention some other small shopping center called IlPolei… Its on your way there.Story for another day.Oh and by the way… the road is rough and un – tarmacked..
It also has the majority of conservancies on this part of the country.  It’s a good escape it has Lewa Wildlife conservancy, Ol Lentile conservancy, Borana Wildlife Conservancy, Sosian Game Ranch, Ol Pejeta Game Ranch and although a bit far away the Sweet Waters game reserve is around this region.

We travelled by Lorry, and due to the dust… sitting on the bars is just the option… Somali style. In case you need any of the photo in ‘higher’  quality… I will be glad to email you. Enjoy

An unexpected bump on the road & my camera tilted…

Those hills in the horizon… we are going there.

The view from atop the lorry

That hill, with a nasty nickname (Hint… the kanipllish thingy at the top)

Ilpolei Shopping center

Here is another weird rock arrangement

Rally Organizers would love this place…

I just wanna race on this ground…

To the right of the bushes on the Top left is the landing strip. Its bumpy… Landed here in 2009 – bumpy

Courtesy of Doldol Airstrip this place is just known as that “Airstrip”.

That road now leads to Doldol the Town/ Center..

Our helps & guides on the best spot

Our drinking water… after 5 minutes its crystal clear.

Another wonderful rock formation.

Cactus… very sweet. Woe unto you if you get the fibre…

Doldol Airstrip

On our way back. Lorry loaded & heavy!

Catching up… Here we call it Base/ Baze… There I cant tell

Remember the other side of those Rocks there?

Add caption


Right there is a ‘well’ &the boy just fetched water from it…

Notice the rock formation stretching all the way up there. Beautiful.

Back on the tarmac

Not enough trees around here…

Hot pursuit…

My Model of the day… Wife Number… You don’t wanna know

Resting after scooping endless shovels of sand .

Like in the Egyptian pyramid blah blah movies… Under that sand is a lot of water.
The dried river bed where we harvested sand.
Sometimes you just wanna lay down & have a rest… Thinking of course…
It was a long day.

Hope you enjoyed…

Traveling is fun. Just blend your endeavors with your hobbies & you will ride it smooth.

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