A Good Day

1. Makes to wake up early & do a few chapters of Dale Carnegie with Joel Osteen in the background.

2. Gets to the office earlier though a bit dissapointed had to work on Sunday.

3. Clears up pending jobs, returning calls & replying urgent E-mails.

4. Unleashing Frank Wood’s B.A1 & trying to catch up on the lessons I missed last week

5. The boss calls in to ask what she should send over for lunch (Seems she knew they messed my program)

6. Great Lunch. Not like any I had in th past month.

7. Takes a nap under Easy Fm.

8. A few more calls. Many to apologize for missing out on social appointments.

9. One of the Companies VIP vehicles picked me earlier than usual. Apparently the whole stunt was to give me morale.

10. The driver pissed s well succumbs to my coffee idea at a famous lounge. Which converts to dinner later.

11. I finally get to watch Manchester United grind Arsenal like maize meal. (Am a mild soccer fan affiliated to Chelsea but what Ive seen Manchester do today…!!! Respect)

12. Me n the Boss’ driver leave the lounge n he drops me home.

13. Opens my door & am met by sweet scent from Finlays’ fully bloomed carnations.

14. Drops on the couch & gives one last reflection of the day.

15. Picks Smith Hempstone’s – Rogue Ambassador then it occurs to me that I shouldnt let 28th August 2011 go away lyk so. . .

16. The boss calls to say I can have the day off tomorrow. Nice of her.

17. Signs in & starts writing. . .


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