Love Struck.

I believe in Love,
I believe its Love,
Love chose us,
We fought it off,
Tried to push it away,
Afraid of that world,
A Map-less jungle,
Where many fear to venture,
But here we are,
Never felt it like before,
But something deep inside,
In sync with the Unbeatable forces of nature & Coincidence,
Brought us together.

My Love am crazy about you,
Crazy about our Love,
I feel like am in a world of my own,
Using all I own,
In terms of feelings & emotions,
In giving you my heart am happy,
In Loving you am whole,
I feel free,
I am in no danger of getting hurt ever,
With you my heart is safe. . .

I feel like I could write forever,
Sense or Nonsense,
For in my heart,
Its you that I feel,
Am closer to my Destiny.
My Love am contented,
With you in my heart.
Always the best.
I Love You. . .


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